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About Me

Photography has always interested me with my first camera being the Kodak Brownie 127. I can still recall waiting a week to see the results of my early photographic efforts, not too good as I recall. A little experimentation with a Polariod and then my pride and joy, a Minolta XGM SLR. I used this camera for many years and I still have it, albeit not in working order!

For the last eight years I have travelled in Asia and the USA and the galleries are a represenation of my images whilst on these travels. In those short eight years I have seen so many changes as the world appears to get ever smaller and many Asian countries strive to develop. What hasn't changed yet is the friendliness and hospitality you encounter which can be overwhelming in its sincerity.

All images presented on this site are my own work, albeit aided and inspired by some exceptionally capable photographers. I can still hear their words, 'get closer'.